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Raw materials concept

With us, the producers are involved

The quality of our raw materials has priority over everything else. All the steps of production are subordinate to it. This goes along with the reliability of our raw materials which our customers can always count on. Many of our products are developed and produced individually for our customers. To achieve certain product characteristics, we also involve producers in the development process. Only they are in a position to grow new single-origin grain varieties on short notice so that we can process them further in a targeted way.

The “golden south-west,” that is Rhenish Hesse, the Palatinate and Hunsrück, isn’t just our preferred growing region because of its regional proximity. Thanks to the special climatic and geological conditions of the terroir, ideal nutrient media for grain products with different levels of protein content are also available here. Our suppliers can create both brewing barley and biscuit wheat with a low protein content and quality wheat with a higher protein content. Naturally, we also keep an eye on our regional customers and supply them according to the long-standing principle “from the region, for the region.” That’s why we happily process wheat and barley from the region for them. It’s precisely these home-grown raw materials which are highly praised by our breweries and bakeries. Close cooperation with our farmers also ensures seamless traceability back to the field.


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