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Emphatically ecological and single-origin

We’ve never made a big fuss about sustainability. Handling raw materials and resources in an environmentally friendly way is part of our identity, as is a strong commitment to the Rhenish Hesse/Palatinate growing region, its fertile ground and the producers we know so well who provide a rich variety of grains. Farmers who love their land, have treasured and cared for it and have passed it down for generations. If you see the strengths of our region in terms of natural resources the way we, a family company rich in tradition, do, nature will bestow you with all that’s needed for life. Our forefathers milled and malted grain in our mill and malthouse here in Bischheim. Today, we continue this work with the same conviction using state-of-the-art technology. We generate our own power, for example, which is also part of our quality management concept. We produce the power for the mill and heat for the malting plant ourselves via co-generation. Our flours and malts made from wheat, barley and rye reach absolute top quality, which makes them sought-after commodities in the food and beverage industry. It’s bakers and brewers in particular who swear by our flours and malts. Who can blame them?