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What binds the farmer and baker? Bindewald!

For nearly 150 years, Bindewald has always been at your service. Our customers, who we consider dear partners, are bakeries and the food industry – including illustrious names who also stand for tradition and innovation. While keeping our raw material procurement regional, we’re continuing to enlarge the scope of our grain product sales, and we cover all of Europe. The result? We’re further expanding our Bischeimer mill location and are increasing our milling capacity to 100,000 metric tonnes annually by 2020 – but our goal isn’t mass, it’s still class. Our commitment to quality sounds grandiose, but it reflects the truth and is based on a functioning, sustainable raw material concept as a guarantor for reliable and consistent quality.

And our filling procedure? Honour where honour is due.

If you’re producing for the German and international retail market (including discounters), you can’t afford to experiment, much less experience downtime. Continual top quality is the basic requirement for long-lasting business relationships. Seamless tracing back to the pallet and using the latest RFID technology in doing so are just two of the many parameters of our uncompromising quality management system.

Facts, anyone?:

  • 200,000-metric tonne annual milling capacity
  • 70,000-metric tonne bagging capacity in package sizes from 1 to 25 kg

Wheat flour

Types 405, 550, 630, 812, 1050
top milling for fine baked goods of all types, from cakes to bread which stay fresh for a long time and have a well-balanced taste

Rye flour

Types 997, 1150, 1370
classic rye flours for the production of characteristically German rye breads and mixed breads

Whole-grain flour

special flours with all the good components of the wheat grain

Pizza flour

characteristically Italian pizza flour

Biscuit flour

low-protein light flour which is ideal for biscuit production

Bun flour

high-protein flour for the production of buns, tortillas, toast and other baked specialities

Baguette flour

made from French wheat varieties

Dumpling flour

fine-grain structure, especially expandable, ideal for a fluffily elastic and boil-proof dough

Development bakery
Our development bakery does it all.
At our own development bakery, we test new product ideas under practical conditions and put existing products to the test on a regular basis. Nothing is left to chance – our partners expect continuity and customer-oriented solutions. We’re happy to share our expertise and invite our customers to workshops and seminars. It’s partnership on equal terms in an authentic bakehouse atmosphere. It doesn’t get any more real than that. It’s where we grant our special flours, such as those for pizza production, fresh doughs and baguettes, readiness for batch production and the quality seal for good taste.


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