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More safety through magnets

More safety through magnets

When it comes to food safety, we take no risks. Now we go one step further in addition to the safety measures in production: until now, the safety measures for the vehicles were the cone sieves. Now we have also equipped our entire fleet with finger magnets with a strength of 10,000 gauss.

Instagram News

What comes to your mind when you think about a malting? Many of our posts have shown you several parts of our business as the malt itself or the manufacturing process. No less important is our office area we want to show you today. It’s placed in the middle of our site in Bischheim.

What do you think of the colours?


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From now on, there will be another logo, decorating our trucks. For those of you, who did not know yet: ÄhrenGlück (which might be hard to pronounce when you do not speak German 😜) is our regional concept, that mainly combines the use of regional raw materials and a sustainable production process. However, there is so much more hidden behind the concept.

And that is the reason why we will shorty sum up all the facts about the concept and renew our current story highlight “sustainability” to give you all the information about it! 🙂

If you directly want to find out more, you can visit www.ährenglück.de or our Instagram account @aehrenglueck .

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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