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More safety through magnets

More safety through magnets

When it comes to food safety, we take no risks. Now we go one step further in addition to the safety measures in production: until now, the safety measures for the vehicles were the cone sieves. Now we have also equipped our entire fleet with finger magnets with a strength of 10,000 gauss.

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Kilning 🔥💨
We’ve already told you something about steeping and germination. The final stage of the traditional malting process is Kilning!

The Aim of this step is, to reduce the grain‘s moisture content down to at least 6% by drying it. For this we have different phases of kilning with different time intervals and temperatures.

Mostly this stage is seen as the heart of the process, because - depending on the used temperatures- the future malt gets its flavor and color 😎!

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Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Menschen, die neue Herausforderungen suchen. Neben unseren offenen Stellen bieten wir auch gerne Platz für Interessenten, die im Rahmen eines Praktikums oder als Werkstudent einen ersten Eindruck von unserem Unternehmen gewinnen möchten! Natürlich immer mit der Perspektive einer längerfristigen Anstellung.
Wir werden versuchen, Euch in der nächsten Zeit viele Bereiche und Tätigkeiten unserer Mitarbeiter vorzustellen, die für euch interessant sein könnten. Seid gespannt!

🇬🇧 We are always looking for people, who are looking for new challenges. In addition to our open positions, we are also happy to offer space for interested people, who would like to gain a first impression of our company as part of an internship or as a working student! Of course with the perspective of a longer-term employment.
In the near future, we will try to introduce you to many areas and activities of our employees that might be of interest to you. Be curious!

Beautiful view at our mill and malting in Bischheim! 🤗 ...


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