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More safety through magnets

More safety through magnets

When it comes to food safety, we take no risks. Now we go one step further in addition to the safety measures in production: until now, the safety measures for the vehicles were the cone sieves. Now we have also equipped our entire fleet with finger magnets with a strength of 10,000 gauss.

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Wheat Malt 🌾 ...

The cold once again paints a picturesque appearance of our Kiln 💨😎! ...

Makes a really good figure as a co-driver!

Even better our 5 kilo bag does it when brewing. The amount of malt is a good opportunity for small batches, for tryin a variety or to try our malt at all!

Currently the bags are available in Germany and Brazil. Have you bought one, yet? 🙂

By your side 🙋🏼‍♂️!
We see our task not only in producing high-quality malts for brewing. It is just as important to us to support our customers in their application and use. In the meantime, there are numerous sources of information that enable us to answer questions that arise in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, there may be concerns at one point or another that make a "real" expert necessary.

With Michael we have a brewmaster, head of quality assurance of our malting, contact person for our Craftbrewers and employee for over 20 years of Bindewald, who can help to answer nearly all of your questions concerning our malts! 😊


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