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Region Rhenish Hesse Palatinate

We operate our mills and malt houses right in the middle of the most fertile fields for the cultivation of wheat and barley in Rhenish Hesse (the former Grand Duchy Hesse Darmstadt west of the Rhine, which is now part of Rhineland Palatinate). Favourable climate and soil conditions allow Bindewald suppliers to grow brewer’s barley aside from biscuit wheat with low protein content and high-quality wheat with rich protein content.

Grown in the region for the region! True to this maxim, we process regional wheat and barley for our regional customers. The people operating our regional breweries and bakery shops love to use the home-grown raw materials. Bindewald works hand in hand with growers. As a result we can retrace the way our products are made all the way from the fi eld to the baker or brewer without missing a single step.
Contact persons

Purchasing department:

Mr. Jochen Bindewald
Tel: +49 63 52 / 4 06 - 1 15

Mr. Thomas Hähnel
Tel: +49 63 52 / 4 06 - 1 30

Mr. Michael Fleischer
Tel: 063 52 / 4 06 - 1 21

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