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Our philosophy: Quality from the Get-Go

The quality of our products is the result of our seamless, end-to-end process chain. This process starts on the fields where the crucial product attributes originate. On those fields, our suppliers grow the best crops for our customised products. They are situated in Rhenish Hesse Palatinate, which is one of the most productive German grain cultivation regions. The optimal cultivation conditions enable us to grow wheat and barley exactly the way our customers need it. It is our mission to reconcile the steadily growing consumer demands with the requirements and abilities of modern agriculture.

From the get-go and in close collaboration with experienced regional farmers, we make sure that the proper seeds of the right quality are put into the soil and that the cultivation and fertilisation methods are just right to grow the required grains. Our process management also keeps watchful eyes on the grain transport and storage. Bindewald does not just monitor the high quality of the used raw materials but starts assuring this quality from the time before the seeds sprout in the soil.
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Production manager:
Mr. Jérôme Trautmann
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Production manager:
Mr. Jurij Eirich
Tel: +49 63 52 / 4 06 - 1 43

Mr. Michael Tropf
Tel: +49 63 52 / 4 06 - 1 34

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